Friday, May 16, 2008

Put the brooms back in the closet

Apparently nobody is interested in the sweep. Instead both series will go to at least a game five (and possibly even longer). The Flyers finally won a game, but started to fall apart in the third, and don't appear to be poised to seriously challenge the Penguins for this series.

The Flyers were really carried by their powerplay in this game and scored on two of their five chances (not counting the million plus penalty minutes that were awarded in the final half minute of the game). Meanwhile the Penguins came up empty on their opportunities.

For the Penguins, their star of the game was Jordan Stall, who scored both of Pittsburgh's goals after only getting twelve all season. Both of his goals came in the third period from Tyler Kennedy. At one point it appeared as if the Penguins were going to pull of the comeback and give their team the win, but Malkin, Hossa, and Crosby ended up being pretty quiet for the rest of the night, leaving then one line to do all of the team's work.

While a close series is more fun to watch, neither of these really qualify quite yet. Lets just get onto the finals already (That applies to Hillary as well).

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