Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sabres fall to Ottawa

The Ottawa Senators defeated the Sabres 5-3. Ottawa had a big second period that saw them take a 3-1 lead that was quickly padded to 4-1 in the first. Buffalo started making a comeback, but gave up an empty netter to lose the game.

Miller did not have a good game, and probably should have been able to stop a few of the shots that he let in this game. That said the rest of the team had to play better as well.

Peters seemed to get alot of ice time this game, and was always half a second from being in a fight, although no one took up that challange tonight...

Official Three Stars
  • Wade Redden
  • Mike Fisher
  • Tim Connolly

  • My Three Stars
  • Danny Heatley (two assists and an empty netter)
  • Wade Redden (one goal, one assist)
  • Jochan Hecht (played well as always)
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