Monday, December 31, 2007

Final Preperations for the Ice Bowl underway

Ralph Wilson Stadium is all set up and ready to go for the Ice Bowl tomorrow. Players for both teams will be skating on the ice this afternoon. Even the players are beginning to see this as a big event. A few highlights, criticisms and observations about the event.

  • Tarps will be covering some lowerbowl seats. While they may not have a good (or any) view of the field, those without a ticket would be more than willing to pay five to ten bucks just be a part of the event.

  • They have made a fake pond on the side of the rink. Kindof cool, but also kindof pointless.

  • Night images of the rink under the lights look pretty cool. A night game may be worth considering for next year

  • The event will still be best known as the ice bowl. Despite the official word of the NHL the name stuck. Why do I feel that whoever choose "Winter Classic" over "The Ice Bowl" is the same person who picked out the Slug...

  • The NHL really underestimated the Buffalo fans. There is an interview with the NHL's VP of marketing or something in which he states that he "didn't think it would sell out". That took like twenty minutes to sell out? They could have sold out a rink twice as big in a single day

  • The same video highlights the NHL's plan for some official tailgating thing on the assumption that fans won't think of that due to new years. If Buffalo can do anything right it's food. In fact the ability to tailgate at a Sabres game is half of the allure of this event.

  • When does the tailgating start? Pulling up after dinner tonight and celebrating new years in the parking lot sounds like a ton of fun...

  • The weather is still looking to be ideal for hockey
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