Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ice Bowl is fast approaching

With the Ice Bowl fast approaching, work on the ice rink has already begun. Bad weather has caused a few delays, but the project still is on schedule. That said, expected rain on Friday could begin to make things difficult again. The weather for new years day is more promising as it looks to be around 34 degrees, which is almost exactly what the NHL wanted...

The Sabres play the hated Ottawa Senators tonight, as they look to extend their current six game win streak. Two close wins this past weekend against rival number two should have the Sabres fired up and ready for their most disliked opponent.

The Buffalo News had an article on Sabres and Bills merchandise including that the Sabres had more "brand awareness" then all other NHL clubs, all baseball and basketball teams and all but two NFL clubs, (the exceptions being the Colts and the Steelers).

In other news Satan now has 666 career NHL points... Also the World Juniors started today in Canada. The tournament runs through January 5th. (The United States beat Kazakhstan 5-1 to open the tournament)...

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