Saturday, December 1, 2007

Captain Campbell

Brian Campbell is the Buffalo Sabres captain for the month of December. Continuing the teams emphasis on defense this season he is the second straight defensemen to take on the role of captain, and his linemate Jaro Spacek is one of the alternative captains for the month as well.

Campbell has been one of the Sabres best defensemen, and a leader on the team for some time now. He was an alternate captain last month as well. Come January Connolly is likely to be captain, most likely with Campbell and Hecht as the alternatives. Hopefully the Sabres can do the same thing they did with Hecht and extend Campbell's contract while he is captain.

Speaking of Hecht, he is an alternative captain again this month. Hecht has now been either the captain or the alternate every month so far this year. It would be hard to see him not named full time captain at the start of next year, or even come playoffs...

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