Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sabres Fail to Score (yet again)

If you score zero goals, you are guaranteed to lose. The Sabres actually looked like the better team through the first two periods, but were unable to score, which makes it all for nothing. Then to top it off they played horribly in the third. Toronto really didn't play that well either, but at least they tried, and didn't have a goal tender who let in random easy shots...

The Sabres really just need to shoot the puck. They had three or four breakaways (two by Vanek), where they never even got a shot off. Same with the powerplays, they just dump it into the corner, and lose possession half the time, rather than get a shot on net. Further more on the powerplay, the shots should all be on the net, and not high or wide. There is no reason to be trying to pick the corner, as the goals are eventually going to come off of rebounds or tipped shots anyways.

If the Sabres can't beat Toronto they are going to have some real problems with Montreal and Ottawa...

Official Three Stars
  • Andrew Raycroft
  • Matts Sundin
  • Brian McCabe

  • My Three Stars
  • Andrew Raycroft (the shutout)
  • Matts Sundin (one goal, one assist)
  • (this game only had two stars...)
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