Thursday, November 8, 2007

MacArthur Wins one for the Sabres

The Sabres got down by a goal early on, but were able to come back to beat Boston 2-1 in OT. The Sabres only allowed one goal, but unlike against Montreal they actually scored one themselves as well. Then in overtime Clarke MacArthur scored a pretty one to win the game for Buffalo.

MacArthur had been up for a few games last season, and even this preseason I stated that MacArthur's play would be more important than that of Peters and Ryan despite less games played over the season. He showed up big tonight. In his overtime of his first game in the NHL this season, he got a quick pass from Stafford, and absolutely buried the opportunity.

My last post seems to be confirmed, as both Roy and Vanek were on the ice for the only goal against this game. Still it was only one goal all game long and the Sabres have now played great on the defensive side of things for two straight nights. Lets hope they can keep it up for their next game against Toronto on Friday. And if they start scoring again as well, that would also be nice...

Official Three Stars
  • Clark MacArthur
  • Paul Gaustad
  • Ryan Miller

  • My Three Stars
  • Clarck MacArthur (overtime goal in his first game of the season)
  • Ales Kotalik (game tieing goal, plus a solid two way effort)
  • Paul Gaustad (almost crazy enough to fight Chara)
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