Friday, November 9, 2007

$162 Million

Forbes has just released their yearly evaluations on the monetary value of each team. The Sabres are the 19th most valuable team in the league at $162 Million. The Maple Leafs are worth the most at $413 Million, while the Predators are worth the least, but in the middle of being sold.

Hopefull Sign of Increasing Value
The overall value of the Buffalo Sabres increased by 9% which is well above the 2-3% inflation rate.

Reason for Concern
The Sabres are listed with an income of -4.9 Million. It's never good when the income is negative.

Strange Fact
The Sabres have less debt then the very wealthy Maple Leafs.

Money Can't Buy Wins
The Maple Leafs are worth more than the Sabres, but when they play tonight expect Buffalo to win...

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