Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Buffalo, Logos, World Juniors, and Bettman

On Monday before the miserable loss to the Senators, the formal announcement of the world juniors took place. This was a big time media event with Golisano and Bettman both in town for the announcement. The event itself provided little information that hadn't already been leaked, expect for the greatly exaggerated numbers on the economic boost it would give the city.

Buffalo Sabres
Still look at the logo in the image of the the announcement. The Sabres have been avoiding the slug logo on almost everything for a while now. After putting the classic logo on the ice, I think it is safe to say that we won't see anymore of the slug after this season.

League commissioner Gary Bettman who was in town for the announcement then spent some time on the Sabres intermission show, resulting in a very awkward interview. Much of the discussion was about Golisano's purchase of the team, which happened six season ago now. Bettman then spent the rest of the interview sucking up to Golisano for really unknown reasons. Technically Golisano and the other thirty team owners give Bettman his job, but he came across and extremely desperate and childish in doing so.

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