Friday, October 17, 2008

Early Statistics

The Season is still early (Buffalo has only played three games), but they have done very well in those three outings, and are now the only undefeated team in the eastern conference. So far Buffalo is leading the league in average goal differential, thanks in a large part to their 7-1 win over the New York Islanders.

The teams 1.00 Goals against per game average is the best in the league, ties with San Jose, while their offensive output of 3.67 goals per game is second best in the league, behind only Minnesota and Vancouver. This puts them on pace to be one goal ahead of the 305 they scored last season.

The offensive statistics are of course being held up be Thomas Vanek who has five goals already. If he keeps up his current pace he will end the season with 137 goals of which 55 will be shorthanded.

Pulling out the statistics at this point has the Sabres lined up to go 82-0 this season, and with Connolly being injured every game. Well the later may very well happen, all the Sabres need to do is play well enough to make the playoffs, and the way their powerplay has been they will. Currently on track for zero powerplay goals against, 137 powerplay goals for, and 55 shorthanded tallies. That would guarantee a playoff spot.

Currently the Sabres have a 65.5% chance of making the playoffs, a number that can be brought up to 100% with just 47 more wins. The Sabres can get their next win tonight against the Vancouver Canucks.

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