Thursday, July 3, 2008

Some big names sign (elsewhere)

First Brooks Orpik signed a six year deal for $3.75 million per season with the Penguins. This is a real deal for Pittsburgh. It would have been nice if he extended his hometown discount to his actual hometown, but its understandable that he wanted to stay in Pittsburgh. The team has Crosby under contract for a number of years, just signed Malkin to a four year extension, and went to the finals last year, and look to be one of the best teams around for a few years to come. While I would have loved for him to come to Buffalo, I'm also not going to rip on him for wanting to stay with the Penguins. In fact choosing to stay with that group for that price is a real class move.

One former Penguin who did jump ship is Marion Hossa who surprisingly signed a single year agreement for $7.4 million. It had widely been speculated that Hossa who was this years most sought after free agent would be looking for a long term deal for around $10 million a year. In fact it is expected that he was actually offered that much in some places, but turned it down to play for Detroit instead. Perhaps every European player just feels required to play for the Red Wings.

I was just starting to like the Marty Turco lead Dallas Stars these past two seasons, overlooking the whole foot in the crease deal in order to root for an awesome goaltender. However the team has gone ahead and signed Sean @#%&-ing Avery for $15.5 million over four years. Why a team would waste that much on a player like that is beyond me. It's times like this when I love Buffalo for doing absolutely nothing...

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