Saturday, July 19, 2008

Miller signs five year extension

Ryan Miller has agreed to a five year contract extension, which will result in him staying in Buffalo for the next six years. The contract is for an average of $6.25 million per season.

This is good as not only do we have the 2008-09 Sabres pretty much set, but the 2009-10 team is pretty much in place now as well. Jason Pominville being the obvious exception there.

At $6.25 million a season, Miller is slightly overpaid, but not too much, so it shouldn't create any problems for the team down the road. The real question mark is the length of the contract. It is a tad bit risky to commit to a single goaltender for the next six years based only on the play of the last three. While Miller is a solid number one right now, there is no guarantee that he will be in the future, so Sabres management is taking a bit of a gamble on that front. Still it could pay off for them.

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