Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Gaustad signs for four more years

Paul Gaustad has avoided restricted free agency by signing a four year, $9.2 million deal. That comes to a yearly cap hit of 2.3 million a year, which is about right. Gaustad was actually grossly underpaid last season making under a million, but a little over two million a year is closer to what he deserves, and doesn't leave the Sabres paying too much for him.

The next player the Sabres now need to focus on is Dan Paille, who is restricted, but has been playing very well.

Free agency starts today at noon, but the Sabres won't be too into it. Speculation has been surrounding Brooks Orpik, but that may or may not happen (although if the money is right I hope it does). Campbell will get to sign for billions, and perhaps the Sabres can pick up a back up goalie (Andrew Raycroft may be signable for a reasonable amount).

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