Saturday, January 24, 2009

No games on TV, or maybe there are

The next four Sabres games will not be televised. Nobody really has a clear answer why. While later games on the west coast may not be the most profitable games, MSG is certainly not loosing money on them. Furthermore while the games will be on radio, Rick Jeanneret will not be broadcasting the games, which makes it even harder to listen to.

Combined with the all-star game this means around 20 days without seeing the Sabres play hockey. While I will still have Center Ice to show Blackhawks games, and college games to go to this is whole blackout is really pointless.

At the very least couldn't MSG just broadcast the other teams feed? Really what better thing does MSG have to broadcast. I don't think I have ever watched a single thing on that channel besides Sabres games.

At the very least the rumour is that the the other teams feed will be available via We will see how it goes. Still there should be no need to resort to such sites.

Update:Common sense has prevailed and the games will be on television after all. Turns out this was mostly a squabble about money.

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