Sunday, January 25, 2009


The All-Star game is tonight, and while I can't get too excited about there is really little other hockey news to speak of.

Last night was the skills competition and young stars game. Buffalo didn't have any youngstars in the game, which is mostly a result of the teams preference to keep its younger talent in the AHL.

Most of the winners were predictable. Chara once again won the hardest shot competition, and Ovechkin was his usual fun self in the trick shot category. Kane also was decent putting in a shot using the opposite end of his stick. Campbell for the third straight year failed miserably in the fastest skater competition coming in second last in the event, and only because the other skater almost fell.

Buffalo's Vanek I guess was in the shootout competition, but I had bored of the event by that point, so I can only pass on that he didn't win.

The big game is tonight, where Vanek will become the first Austrian to play in the NHL all star game.

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