Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And a loss to the Red Wings

Buffalo inched closer to being mathematically eliminated by losing to the Red Wings 4-1 in a game that wasn't even close.

While there was a back and forth first period, Buffalo predictably gave up and allowed the game to get out of hand.

The one exception as usual was Paul Gaustad. After Detroit scored to go up 3-0, the camera went to Gaustad on the bench and he looked rather pissed that his team had been scored on. Had Gaustad been out on the ice for that shift he probably would have prevented that goal. Next shift when he did get on the ice, he put in Buffalo's only goal of the night.

Official Three Stars
  • Marian Hossa
  • Tomas Holmstrom
  • Chris Osgood

  • My Three Stars
  • Marian Hossa (two goals, one assist, plus two)
  • Nicklas Lidstrom (one goal, one assist, plus three)
  • Pavel Datsyuk (two assists, plus two)

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