Friday, February 13, 2009

Unable to beat Ottawa

For the second straight game in a row, the Buffalo Sabres failed to beat the Ottawa Senators scoring just one goal in the loss.

Ottawa is on a bit of a rebound now under their new coach, but are still a weak team and one that the Sabres should have beaten. The Penalty Kill was part of the Sabres problem as they allowed two goals against when down a player.

This team is really missing Gaustad and Vanek. While the two players are very different, they both take the job of standing in front of the net, and it is clear that the rest of this team is not in a position to easily take over that role. However both will still be out for a while.

Official Three Stars
  • Jason Spezza
  • Ryan Miller
  • Brendan Bell

  • My Three Stars
  • Jason Spezza (one goal, one assist, five shots)
  • Brian Elliott (31 saves, only one goal against)
  • Brendan Bell (2 assists, three shots)

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